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Qusemde has designed and fabricated novel silicon nanoelectronic devices that will lead to unprecedented improvement in the measurement and control of ultrasmall electrical signals.

Nanoscale electronic devices, and circuits based on those devices, is the logical result of the continuing trend of electronics towards smaller devices. The standard benefit is even more dense integrated circuits; that is more functions on a chip.  However additional benefits such as enhanced sensitivity, speed, and new features are possible from a subset of nanoelectronic devices.  Single electron transistors, which form one particular subset of nanoelectronic devices, has attracted a lot of attention because those devices offer enhanced sensitivity to charge detection and other new features.  In general new features arise in the subset of nanoelectronic devices where the characteristics are determined by a) classical control of a quantum process, or b) purely quantum control of charge transport.

Qusemde has developed a propriety process for the fabrication of single electron transistors (SETs), and is the first company to have fabricated such transistors in a commercial CMOS foundry.

Qusemde is also developing software for the simulation of circuits based on nanoelectronic devices.