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Qusemde was founded to develop the new and novel devices that become possible as silicon fabrication technology enters the nanoscale regime. The continuing reduction in the size of silicon devices enables the standard benefit of being able to place more devices on a chip and hence more functionality is possible.  At Qusemde we are interested in the new features of electronic, and optical devices that become possible with downscaling.  Qusemde designs novel detectors and sensors that are based on nanoscale devices and single electron effects.  Another goal of Qusemde is to develop and supply software that enables the simulation and design of nanoelectronic devices and circuits.  Powerful simulation tools that can be utilized in both the design and evaluation of ultrasmall systems are essential in the coming era of nanotechnology.

What sets us apart?

The core team at Qusemde consists of engineers with experience in device physics, circuit design, and measurement and testing.  The deep understanding of quasi-classical, and quantum effects in nanoscale devices is provided by the Chief Technical officer.   The chief circuit designer has lead teams that design complex circuits and met tapeout deadlines.



Wayne H. Richardson, Ph.D.

photo of Dr. Richardson

Wayne is the founder and Chief Technical Officer.  Dr. Richardson has repeatedly demonstrated a talent for the invention and discovery of new  effects in electronic and optical semiconductor devices. He invented the single electron tunneling diode (SETD). He demonstrated theoretically that a controllable tunneling saturation current is possible in a degenerate p-n junction.  He discovered a new type of quantum correlation:  that between the junction-voltage fluctuation and photon-number fluctuation in a semiconductor laser.  He demonstrated theoretically that the junction voltage in a semiconductor laser can be used as a quantum mechanical measurement probe of the field photon number.  Demonstrated squeezed light (a new kind of light) from a semiconductor laser.  An expert in measurement and characterization of electronic devices especially at ultralow temperatures.

Prior to joining Qusemde, Dr. Richardson worked as a Research Associate, in the Applied Physics Department at Stanford University. He was also a  Group Leader of the  ERATO Quantum Fluctuation Project at Ginzton Lab, Stanford University.  Dr. Richardson was the first Post Doctoral Fellow at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, Basic Research Laboratories, Tokyo, Japan.  He also worked at the Jet Propulsion Lab, in Pasadena California. Dr. Richardson received the M.S in EE from the California Institute of Technology, and the  Ph.D. in  EE from the University of Southern California.