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The hardware portfolio consists  mainly of the single electron transistor and related devices. The hardware is being offered primarily in the form of  GDSII files, and hence the intended customers are other chip designers.  Qusemde also offers its services as a specialized  chip design house.



The design of specialized chips that contain novel nanoelectronic devices (such as SETs), or quantum semiconductor devices has so far been available only inside a few academic laboratories.  Qusemde is now offering the design of such highly specialized chips to engineers  in industrial research labs and commercial companies.  Our services include the physical design, floor-planning, layout, physical verification and tapeout of the chip.  Our preferred processes are the IBM 45, 32 and 28 nm SOI. There are chip design houses that offer complete system on a chip (SoC) solutions;  and also  those that offer complete IP solutions.  Our emphasis is on small test chips.  Test chips do not necessarilly bring glory to design teams in large firms, and for some companies  only the test chip is required: hence contact us for those tasks.