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Overview of the Technology



Over the last decade,  nanoelectronic devices have been fabricated using a variety of material systems.  At Qusemde, our R&D work on nanoelectronic devices is focused primarily on devices that can be formed from gates on a silicon nanowire.  The key nanoelectronic device is the single electron transistor (SET).  The SET is based on the Coulomb Blockade of tunneling in an ultrasmall capacitor.   In the early days, the primary applications of the SET were on high end instruments especially for use in scientific applications.   The applications include  supersensitive electrometer, dc current standards, charge state logics, single-electron spectroscopy, and sensitive thermometry.  Recently with the advance of standard CMOS technology into the tens of nanometer regime, it appears that it should be able to make devices that can operate at reasonable temperatures and hence expand the range of instruments and applications. Here, we outline the components of the technology: a) the devices of interest; b) the physical structures in silicon that are compatible with the basic physics; c) the fabrication technology; and d) software for simulation.


Nanowires in silicon

Fabrication Technology